MOLAJAYA SAMUDERA is one of the crew manning agencies in Indonesia. We offer complete crew management services to all types of vessels through our crew competence centre located in most of the seafaring nations across the globe.


We also offer crew educations which reflect Principal’s request and ISM requirement. We aim to become “The Best Crew Manning Agency in the Indonesia” to fulfill Principal’s and crew’s expectations perfectly.


Company Profile

“ MOLAJAYA SAMUDERA“, a manning agency duly licensed by Indonesia Overseas Employment Administration under Department of Labor and Employment. We come across to your good company through Internet browsing and become interested to cooperate in one of your business needs.
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We are an International crewing agent maritime company agency situated in west java Indonesia. We provide qualified crew for any type of vessel MOLAJAYA SAMUDERA crewing is a team of professional specializing on providing quality human resources and solution for ship owners.
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Crew Management

MOLAJAYA SAMUDERA Crew management is a fast growing and people-driven organization that firmly believes individual excellence translates into Organizational accomplishments.
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Supported by experienced and professional recruitment team, we are confident to provide qualified, experienced and dedicated Indonesian Seafarer, Hospitality Staff, Fishing Crew & Seafood Processor in order to support our Principal’s business operations and activities.
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.As mentioned earlier, We have built a sophisticated , Steady and reliable (MJS) Crewing system which can be a short cut for recruitment process without reducing the capacity of each applicants (Crew).
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Accreditation: refers to the grant of authority to a foreign principal to engage Indonesian seafarers for specific ships through a licensed agency for marine employment.
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